Thursday, March 24, 2005

Alternativ church gathering!

Here is an ideaI have spoken to several people: lets gather as many leaders from different alternativ churches. Lets meet and share our hearts, dreams, visions, longings and also sorrows. I spoke with Michael and Paula from GU at Bobfest and they have been thinking the same. I think that Freakstock this summer will be a good place to meet. Now I know that The underground Railroad did a roundtable last summer, but I am hoping may be the make us more organized or at least get more fellowship amongst the churches. Maybe a web site or blog that is active on prayer and stuff?? So what about it? Would be cool!

Friday, March 18, 2005

Bobfest was great

Wow, being part of the worshipband at Bobfest was amazing! Jus to see that God touched so many and also experience to be used by God was aweome. Anyway whats great about Bobfest, not the bands but the people! Just meeting so many good people....Its like we are having church or are part of the same church.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Going soon to Bobfest

Just got home from Sub Church. Some of us are going to lead the worship at Bobfest this weekend. All of us in the band are really looking forward to meet old friends and get new ones. And this is the last Bobfest ever. So all you metalheads, get your swords and metal stuff out of your closet and get your butt to Sweden! See you this weekend!

Friday, March 04, 2005

Longing for Japan

Just talked with one of my friends Sven from the Orientmission about Japan. He has just gotten back from Japan. Man! I got so excited to listen to whats going on there. You see that in Sept. we were 5 people from Sub Church in Japan. A lot of things happend. We were so blessed to see Junji a fantastic japanese guy, musician and friend come back to God. We got to share the gospel to punks and rockers, tattooartist and metalheads. And I have a heart for Japan, I long for Japan. (I know sound stupid but who cares!) Japanese popcultur is so popular that it is creating subcultures in the west: otakuism and cosplay, influating moviemakers: matrix and kill bill and lives in the pop singles of Gwen Stefani: Harajuku Girls.....The postmodern west loves japanese popculture! And its a country where the gospel never have had any real breaktrough.
In Japan there are around 1 % Christians and the trend is going downwards. The paradox is that a lot of japansese people is really curious about Jesus and the Christian faith. Of course there is a problem for many japanese to choose one road of faith, but my thought is that the problem is also the japanese church. Hey, there is several good churches in Japan, but so many is very controlling, hierarchle, lots of rules and hard. (sorry if I stepped on any toes). So what our team from Sub Church experienced in japan was that we had a common language with many young japanese. Yes you read correctly, the common language was our culture. Our common culture of rock music, Hip Hop, Mtv and tattooes! The youthculture today function as a brigde into nations where the culture ususally has been like walls. Tip: article from Sharon Kinsella on japanization of european youth

Anyway I think the time for the youth of Japan is coming now. Lets go there, hang out, get friends and share Jesus with our lifes.

God is still moving and tomorrow is another day!

Extol review

Extol got great review in Dagbladet, one of the big norwegian newspapers. They are on tour right now. We all love them. If you belive in prayer, please pray for them. They need it!

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Friends and liturgy

Friends are great, God had a good day when he invited friendship!

A friend from Sub Church was just here..... One common problem we seem to have (amongst other things) is the rutine in prayer and other good stuff in the daily life with God. We talked about the good traditons on the old litugy and prayer ruitne form the early church. And how we from more halleluja jumping church backgrounds than for ex. the Catholic church have often dissed the whole idea of liturgy and set prayer times. Maybe an idea for our church?I dont know how to put in practice but if you are one of the 3 people I have told about this Blog, please leave a comment if you have an idea or two. Maybe I should pay someone to check my Blog???

God is still moving and tomorrow is another day

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Wonderful church at the coffeshop

every second wedensday i lead a prayermeeting at sub church. it starts at 7 am, soooo erly, i hate prayermeetings at 7 am! but when it is over i am really glad i did it anyway.
today we didnt just pray, we went for breakfast after the prayer. and it hit me: this is church. having fellowship around prayer and having fellowship around the coffe afterwards. and the link between the two i much more important than i first thought. at the coffeshop we talked, ate food, drank coffe, laught, and laught some more with people i usualy dont hang out with. so the joy around the coffe just gave the prayermeeting a muche better meaning. next time i would love to go, still tired, but tired in a meaningful fellowship. church is great......

God is still moving and tomorrow is another day

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Worship and pizza

Last night with Andrew. Had just had worship practice for bobfest. anyway, andrew has given a lot of cool new thoughts. how end this nice visit? with pizza and Acadamy award show on the telly......

God is still moving and tomorrow is another day