Thursday, March 03, 2005

Friends and liturgy

Friends are great, God had a good day when he invited friendship!

A friend from Sub Church was just here..... One common problem we seem to have (amongst other things) is the rutine in prayer and other good stuff in the daily life with God. We talked about the good traditons on the old litugy and prayer ruitne form the early church. And how we from more halleluja jumping church backgrounds than for ex. the Catholic church have often dissed the whole idea of liturgy and set prayer times. Maybe an idea for our church?I dont know how to put in practice but if you are one of the 3 people I have told about this Blog, please leave a comment if you have an idea or two. Maybe I should pay someone to check my Blog???

God is still moving and tomorrow is another day


Anonymous Maria Bjordal said...

I've had my ups and downs with liturgy. The most amazing prayer and worship times I've had with God has mostly been in solitude, writing my heart out, reading Scripture and maybe singing in between. Yet the ligurical worship services now seem to connect me at times when I feel numb and cant really offer much to God and also sometimes when I'm overwhemld and my own words just seem to fall short...

I guess what I wonder more and more about is how come so many people seem complete cut off from from experiencing God in some types of spiritualities... Is it about personality or growth? Do you think some people are just wired to meet God at hallalujah meetings and others at liturgical mass? Another thing I wonder about is how come there is so much passion in discussions about spirtuality and so little in our talk about God? I'd love to hear your thoughts on this.

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Blogger submorten said...

Man Maria! Good questions, difficult answers. I think God is so much bigger than our meetings and services, but often I think the style that we are used to often matters. I often find it difficult to opened to God if I am at a serivce that makes me feel insecure, uncomfortable or strange. But then again I have experienced God at the strangest places. About God and spirituality I think it just follows the line in a lot of Christian terms. We like to discuss about a lot of things about theology and instead of talk about the center God himself.

God bless you. see you soon


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