Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Wonderful church at the coffeshop

every second wedensday i lead a prayermeeting at sub church. it starts at 7 am, soooo erly, i hate prayermeetings at 7 am! but when it is over i am really glad i did it anyway.
today we didnt just pray, we went for breakfast after the prayer. and it hit me: this is church. having fellowship around prayer and having fellowship around the coffe afterwards. and the link between the two i much more important than i first thought. at the coffeshop we talked, ate food, drank coffe, laught, and laught some more with people i usualy dont hang out with. so the joy around the coffe just gave the prayermeeting a muche better meaning. next time i would love to go, still tired, but tired in a meaningful fellowship. church is great......

God is still moving and tomorrow is another day


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