Friday, March 04, 2005

Longing for Japan

Just talked with one of my friends Sven from the Orientmission about Japan. He has just gotten back from Japan. Man! I got so excited to listen to whats going on there. You see that in Sept. we were 5 people from Sub Church in Japan. A lot of things happend. We were so blessed to see Junji a fantastic japanese guy, musician and friend come back to God. We got to share the gospel to punks and rockers, tattooartist and metalheads. And I have a heart for Japan, I long for Japan. (I know sound stupid but who cares!) Japanese popcultur is so popular that it is creating subcultures in the west: otakuism and cosplay, influating moviemakers: matrix and kill bill and lives in the pop singles of Gwen Stefani: Harajuku Girls.....The postmodern west loves japanese popculture! And its a country where the gospel never have had any real breaktrough.
In Japan there are around 1 % Christians and the trend is going downwards. The paradox is that a lot of japansese people is really curious about Jesus and the Christian faith. Of course there is a problem for many japanese to choose one road of faith, but my thought is that the problem is also the japanese church. Hey, there is several good churches in Japan, but so many is very controlling, hierarchle, lots of rules and hard. (sorry if I stepped on any toes). So what our team from Sub Church experienced in japan was that we had a common language with many young japanese. Yes you read correctly, the common language was our culture. Our common culture of rock music, Hip Hop, Mtv and tattooes! The youthculture today function as a brigde into nations where the culture ususally has been like walls. Tip: article from Sharon Kinsella on japanization of european youth

Anyway I think the time for the youth of Japan is coming now. Lets go there, hang out, get friends and share Jesus with our lifes.

God is still moving and tomorrow is another day!


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