Monday, September 26, 2005

Such a blessing, my brazilian family!

I drove my guests from Brazil and Spain to the airportbus at 5.30 am this morning. My apartment is quiet and empty now. For 4 days I have had the honour to get to know this guys even better. They are not just friends, it is my family. For some reason I meet a few people from distant places and jus connect on level it is just amazing. I have to say Batista is a person I admire. He has led so many people to Christ, he has always time for everybody, he is filled with such a love for God and people. He has suffered so much and still his passion is to love God and to lead people to live with God. I remenber at Freakstock he preached from the mainstage, the meeting finished at 5 pm. Batista prayed for people non stop until 9 pm. Hey Antidemon and Carlos if you read this, God bless you!

Monday, September 19, 2005

Await Antidemon!

Looking forward to this Thursday. My Brazilian friends Antidemon will play in Oslo, at Sub. Batista have such a big heart for God and people. He will be preaching on Sunday. They will also bring this pastor from Spain also, he leads something similar to Sub Church in Spain, will be cool to meet up with him too.

Thoughts on the future

Blogging is not always easy when too many thoughts goes on in your head. To be honest I do belive that Sub is in an important fase. So is my life. And that is not always easy. We have just had a really good trip with Sub this weekend. A lot of good talks, spending time in Gods presence, dodgeball he he..... So my thoughts on the future is just amazing but still hidden...sounds weird?...well thats how it is these days...

Saturday, September 03, 2005

My hero!

If you need inspiration, if you need to see that people are still living for for our God loving people no matter what. Check out Bruce Olsson. His book called Bruncko ("for dette kors skal du dø" in norwegian) has followed me since I was a kid. We are talking about a guy who left as 19 with a one-way ticket to South-America. Years later he is still living among the idian tribes, the suffering and pain this guy has! And so many people have come alive in Christ!