Sunday, August 28, 2005

Silent worship

God what are you doing with us? Suddenly we feel you and see work amongst our friends. 15 minutes before the meeting was staring, I met Micke and Benjamin. They were going to lead worship. For two hours they had tried to find songs, practice or whatever.....but everything felt wrong. We praied together. We all agreeed that today, the worship should only come from the people sitting on the chairs, not from the stage.......Never before had a meeting moved and used so many people at Sub. We sat in silence a lot, after a while came people with raps, songs, verses, psalms, people that had never shared stuff from the stage.....
So what next??? That is the cool part, I just don´t know...I do not know the road ahead.....All I feel is be still....see that I am me...listen....

Sunday, August 21, 2005

First meeting at Sub Church

Just got home from the first meeting at Sub Church after the summer. It was a very good meeting, but nontheless a very important one. God has really worked with me this summer. What I felt for Sub was no new cool themes or preachers, I just felt "wait for me". "seek me" "listen for me". this is an important fase for Sub. Hopefulley our longing hearts will be set on fire!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Back from Frizon back to reality

Man! Frizon was an intense weekend! Leading worship was a blessing, meeting people was a blessing, meeting a person was a blessing. Slept few hours....
Back at my school where I work its exciting but a bit stressfull. New students, old students....looking forward to this semester.

The Lord is my sheperd..

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Praise at Frizon

Just got home from band practice at Sub. We are playing as a worshipband at the swedish festival Frizon. We are driving out on Friday morning. I am a bit nervous.......Looking forward to meet people and worship the God I live for and have been saved by.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

What a freaken fest!

Just back from Freakstock. It is 3 years since last time. As I entered the festival I felt I had come home again. It has been 4 days of talking with old friends, pray together and just experience the precense of Jesus. I styed toghether with Antidemon, metalband from Brazil. Batista leader of the band is also a pastor and have planted over 14 churches. The last 5 years they just experienced that people accepted christ at the concerts, now they have churhes in Brazil and Peru. The biggest is in Sao Paolo with 1500 people. It was so good to hang out and about the last years with Taade, Mirko, Claudia, Miriam, Coockie, Kimberely and so many more.....It was also so cool to travel with Hanna Maria and Ester from Sub Church, man we had some good laughs.....At Freakstock we had a gathering with churchleaders and people trying to start churches from Germany, England, Netherlands, Portugal, Finland,USA, Russia, Brazil, and what we really just did was to become friends.
God is so amazing!!!!!

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Freakstock soon!

Tomorrow I am off to Germany for the weekend. Freakstock is the reason for this depature. It is an amazing festival with around 7000 freaks from all over the world. I was there a couple of years ago. It was sooo great. I think that it will be an interesting weekend. Although the weatherreport talks about rain.............

If you are there please say hello

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Friends are great!

Got to hang out with Unn, ate shawarma and talked. She is on her way to the USA! For one year, this sister got guts, afterwards got to hang out with brother in arms, George. Friends=blessings!

Back again!

Wow, this blog has been dead for some time now. But now I am back! Summer was great. but now back at work at MF. Stian my good friend has also started here. I think this fall will be interesting! In a couple of days I am going to Freakstock. I am really looking forward to see old friends, get new ones and see what God will do during those days!