Sunday, October 30, 2005

What a heretic night!

Had som troubles with the net. But here comes some toughts after Friday.
It was really a sucess. Our cafe was packed with people. I guess around 80% had never been there before. Didrik one of the leaders from Kjettersk Kjeller( a really nice guy by the way) was really happy with everything. They have allready talked about doing it again. The seminar was very cool. Mostly it was about the different conspiration theoris concering AntiChrist, the pope, EU and so on. One of the DJs (Norgarden) was from Sub the two others from Kjettersk. Everybody was friendly and had a good time. But problably the first time we had a pentagram, 666 and a cross up side down at Sub...this was together with the seminar, don´t worry. All in all a very good and interesting eveing.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

høres spennende du? jeg lurer på hva som skjer i sub for tiden....hva kan jeg be for dere? nysgjerrig-unnert

5:56 PM  

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