Saturday, October 22, 2005


It is really a blessing having Mirko here for the weekend! We have talked so much about Jesus Freaks and Sub Church, it is really funny to se so many stuff that is the same! I do belive God is pulling our fellowships together. Today we have walked all over Oslo in the rainy October weather, and have eating dinner with some from the Sub family!



Blogger storch said...

hey morten and mirko,
cool to read that you have such a good time. god bless you,


12:10 AM  
Anonymous anne said...

hi morten! this is anne, from germany, ...the one with the pillow who used to live in oslo, you know? i just wanted to let you know that you were a great blessing to me! thank you for everything! i really miss sub and keep praying for you!
love ya, guys!
you truly are family to me!

2:57 AM  

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