Sunday, November 06, 2005

Pator Bob, you are good for me!

Man! What an inspiring weekend! We had just Nordic Fest at Sub this weekend. And to preach at the meetings, Pastor Bob Beeman came all the way from the USA. I was sort of the host for him. I had just met Pastor Bob at few times at another festival. I really didn´t know him well. But we really connected. I do belive that God has planned this. We have had so many important talks about being church today, and what is really on both of our hearts: disipleship! Pastor Bob has been part of Christian rock/metal from the beginning, the early days with the Jesus Movement in the 70`s, building up Sanctuary in the 80´s and still leading people to Christ and showing people how to live a life as a Christians today. This is really exiting. Thanks for awsome days!


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